United States Oil Fund (USO)

Alguém já avaliou esse fundo? @maicon @cadu

Não estudei ainda, investe em contratos futuros do petróleo pelo pouco que vi.

USO Factset Analytics Insight

USO, among the largest and most liquid oil ETPs available, delivers its exposure to oil using near-term futures. USO gets exposure to oil using derivatives, like all oil ETPs. The fund predominately holds near-month futures contracts on WTI, rolling into future contracts every month. Our segment benchmark holds front-month contracts. This method is particularly sensitive to short-term changes in spot prices. USO held front month contracts until April 17, 2020, at which time following leeway in the prospectus, USO changed the exposure from holding specifically front-month contracts to holding predominantly front-month contracts, 30% next month and 15% contracts with further expiry. USO is structured as a commodities pool, so expect a K-1 at tax time. Long-term holders will be taxed on any gains even if they didn’t sell shares.